Commander 4x4 Expedition Vehicle
The SLRV Commander 4x4 Expedition Vehicle is a large sized off road motorhome, based on the MAN TGM 13.290 cab chassis. With its world renowned MAN four wheel drive ability and a comprehensive list of features, this is an expedition vehicle as impressive on the inside as it is imposing on the outside. Available in single or dual cab and family floorplans available.
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The SLR / SLRV Commander 4x4 Expedition Vehicle is a true home away from home. Its spacious interior and long list of features make this one of the most luxurious and well appointed off road motorhomes available today.

Completely self contained, the SLRV Commander has an impressive list of included and optional features that give it its long range and long term travel capability. The Commander is available in a choice of floor plans and SLRV will even custom fit inclusions to suit specific customer requirements.

Easily shipped to anywhere around the globe, this is the ultimate long term four wheel drive camper - and the ultimate way to see the world.

Home away from Home
The MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 cab chassis is one of the most advanced off road trucks on the market. It features a 6.9L six cylinder twin turbo engine with 213kw and a massive 1150Nm of torque. With a 12 speed automated transmission, parabolic springs, airbag suspension and front and rear diff locks, it has all the electronic and mechanical technology on hand to traverse the most arduous terrain.

The secret behind a genuine Expedition Vehicle's body design is the chassis suspension mounting. This interface between the truck chassis and motorhome body, allows both to twist and flex independently - taking stress off the body and allowing the vehicle to keep its wheels in contact with the ground. This greatly increases off road performance and ensures years of hassle free use.
Truck and Chassis
Chassis Suspension Mounts
The SLRV Commander has a number of power configurations available. Battery packages range from SLRV's 450 amp hour sealed AGM setup, to a high end Mastervolt Lithium system. The Commander can utilise up to 6 x 150 watt Redarc solar panels, creating an almost fully self sufficient system.

The Commander's entire electrical system is run thru a resettable circuit breaker switchboard, and monitored via a BEP colour LCD monitor. With the addition of an external generator, you may never need to plug into mains power again.

All the power you need
Water is probably the most precious commodity when free camping, and a true expedition vehicle requires a well thought out water supply system. SLR's system is utilised across the entire range of Expedition Vehicles and Caravans. This setup incorporates multiple tanks set up in cells - giving you the ability to isolate and store water from multiple sources. Each cell can be both individually filled and used at the flick of a switch. This comes in very handy if you need to pump creek or dam water into a tank for showers for example. SLR even manufactures the creek pumping kit to suit. An isolated drinking water system, complete with separate filler, pump, tap, plumbing, filler and filter, will ensure you always have a clean and uncontaminated drinking supply.
Water Wise
The SLRV Commander is available in a range of floor plans, with seating and sleeping for up to 5 people. Systems such as the 'electric lift up bed over lounge' utilise the vehicles floor space to maximum efficiency, and provide a very open and user friendly interior space.

SLR Vehicles can be fitted with an almost endless range of features and appliances, including diesel cook tops, water and room heaters, washing machines, entertainment systems and more. The new under bench fridges used in the Commander create a huge amount of additional bench space, and add to the open feel.

Floor plans and Features
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