Owning an SLR vehicle is all about exploration, freedom and lifestyle. Here are just a few images from our customers...........Click on image for Gallery
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Trans Australia
SLR Discoverer 1700 Caravan

SLR Adventurer 4x4 MK1

Cape York Creek Crossing
SLR Discoverer 1900 Caravan

South America
SLR Adventurer 4x4 - GR2

Western Australia
SLR Commander 4x4

JC's Adventures
SLR Adventurer 4x4

Northern Territory
SLR Adventurer 4x4 MK2

Big Rig
SLR Discoverer 1900 and Ford F350

Western Australia
SLR Adventurer 4x4 MK1

Simpson Desert
SLR Kimberley 4x4

Various Locations
SLR Expedition Vehicles

Victorian Highlands
SLR Adventurer 4x4 MK1