Kimberley 4x4 Expedition Vehicle
The SLR / SLRV Kimberley Expedition Vehicle is the ultimate compact 4x4 motorhome. With genuine off road ability, 2 or 4 births and a comprehenisve list of features, the Kimberley has proven itself in Austalia's toughest environments.
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The SLR Kimberley 4x4 motorhome is the perfect compact sized touring vehicle. The extremely capable Toyota HIlux cab chassis provides an excellent base for this off road camper, and houses a very cleverly designed and spacious body.

The bed over cab design utilises space to maximum efficiency, and allows for sleeping and seating for up to 4 people! A practical kitchen, combination shower and toilet, U shaped lounge/bed and ample storage give you the creature comforts to make your travels enjoyable with minimum fuss.

This 4x4 Expedition Vehicle can also be easily shipped around the globe for an almost unlimited list of destinations.

Compact and Capable

The Toyota Hilux has been well respected over the years for its offroad capability, strength and comfort. The new model Hilux is no exception.....

Available in a wide range of models incorporating petrol or turbo diesel engine, manual or automatic transmission, and a variety of interior comfort levels.

Toyota has a huge network of dealerships and service centres for backup and assistance. There is also a huge variety of factory and aftermarket off road accessories available for this vehicle, including wheels and suspension, bars and racks and diff locks just to mention a few!

Toyota Hilux Cab Chassis

All SLR vehicles are designed for the free camping experience, and the Kimberley 4x4 camper is no exception.

The sealed AGM house battery setup can be supported by up to 3 x 135 watt Kyocera solar panels, which will power the fridge and LED lighting pretty much self sufficiently - given a decent ray of sunshine.

The Kimberley's entire electrical system is run thru a resettable circuit breaker switchboard, and monitored via a BEP colour LCD monitor. With the addition of an external generator, you may never need to plug into mains power again.
Amp Hours of Power
Water is probably the most precious commodity when free camping, and a true expedition vehicle requires a well thought out water supply system. SLR's system is utilised across the entire range of Expedition Vehicles and Caravans. This setup incorporates multiple tanks set up in cells - giving you the ability to isolate and store water from multiple sources. Each cell can be both individually filled and used at the flick of a switch. This comes in very handy if you need to pump creek or dam water into a tank for showers for example. SLR even manufactures the creek pumping kit to suit. An isolated drinking water system, complete with separate filler, pump, tap, plumbing, filler and filter, will ensure you always have a clean and uncontaminated drinking supply.

Water Wise
The SLR Kimberley has one of the most practical compact layouts on the market.

With seating and sleeping for up to 4 people, even a small family can holiday in the Kimberley. The bed over cab utilises the campers floor space to maximum efficiency, and provides a very open and user friendly interior space. The rear U shaped dining / lounge area can be fitted with 2 optional seatbelts for passengers, and also converts into a bed.

SLR Vehicles can be fitted with an almost endless range of features and appliances, including diesel cook tops, water and room heaters, entertainment systems and more.

Floor plans and Features
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